Summer Trip
July 15 - 18, 2010

The Fifes and Drums of York Town embarked on their 2010 Summer Trip on July 15th. This year's trip had an added feature which was a stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Since Yorktown, VA is where Lord Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington thus ending the Revolutionary War, it was fitting for our group to visit the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence which signaled the start of that war. After this treat, the Corps headed to their hotel in New Jersey where it was back to work on the field show. The hard work paid off on July 16th when the Fifes and Drums of York Town gave a memorable performance at the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Next, it was on to Deep River, Connecticut for the largest fife and drum muster in the world. The Yorktown Corps wowed the large crowds Friday night and Saturday with their 2010 Field Show. They also participated in the annual parade down Main Street which is always lots of fun. This definitely was a summer trip filled with plenty of fond memories!

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Lady Liberty

Deep River Parade

2010 Field Show

Fond Memories

Photos by O. Dwire, S. Krist, and B. Lawrence.

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