Moore House Wedding
May 21, 2011

On the 21st of May, select members of our Corps had the unique honor of performing during a wedding ceremony at the Moore House in Yorktown. Our Corps has performed at wedding receptions in times past, but this was a first for our Corps to actually play for the wedding. While a little non-traditional, the bride and groom had grown up in Yorktown listening to and seeing our Corps perform over the years. They had come to love our music and thought it only fitting to include us in their ceremony. The kids played the tunes "Love Forever" and "Brandywine" to open the ceremony and the bride insisted on "Paddy on the Handcar" for her march down the aisle. To those of you who think the assembled masses don't know what and how we play - think again! It is a bit humbling to think of the impact our Corps' music and drill have had on our local community and how much our neighbors and friends have grown to identify with the Fifes and Drums of York Town and consider us an integral part of living in Yorktown.

Photos by O. Dwire.

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