Yorktown Day
October 19, 2013

Yorktown Day fell on a Saturday this year and, once again, the Fifes and Drums of York Town led the way in celebrating the Victory at Yorktown of 1781. In the morning, the Corps performed at the DAR Coffee and a small delegate performed at the memorial service at the Thomas Nelson gravesite behind historic Grace Church. Many groups, including high school bands, ROTC units, military units, and other clubs and organizations joined the Corps in marching down Main Street for the traditional Yorktown Day Parade. Following the parade, the Corps gave a performance at the Yorktown Monument after which several Senior Corps members participated in the beautiful pageant of flags. The Corps ended their day with a fine performance back at Corps Headquarters for the annual fundraiser. The day was a great success as the entire community came together to remember Yorktown's important role in the history of our country.

Morning Ceremonies



Flag Ceremony

Corps Fundraiser

Photos by S. Krist and S. Utne.

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