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Tunes of the Month
Bottom of the Punch Bowl Apr 2018 T.O.M.-Juniors, Apr 2017 T.O.M.
Les Drapeaux Aug-Oct 2018
Drums Along The Potomac drum Apr 2018 T.O.M.-Seniors (drum)
Green Cockade May 2018 T.O.M.
Huntington June 2018 T.O.M.
Jaybird & Fireman's July 2018 T.O.M.
Lesslie's March Apr 2018 T.O.M.-Seniors (fife)
Lovet's Reel Feb 2018 T.O.M.
Miss Blair's Reel Apr 2018 T.O.M.-Juniors, Mar 2017 T.O.M.
L' Oiseau Royale Aug-Oct 2018
Rigaudon Aug-Oct 2018
Trip to Ranelagh Jan 2018 T.O.M.
United States March Mar 2018 T.O.M.
Rank Tunes for Senior Corps
Ah Ca Ira corporal
The Assembly corporal camp duty
Austrian drum sergeant
Chain Cotillion corporal drum (need a pdf for drum)
Comet Waltz fife sergeant
Crazy Army 2-4 with Fill drum sergeant drum
Cuckoo's Next fife sergeant
Devil's Dream sergeant fife1 fife2 duet drum
Dixie with Walk Around fife sergeant
drum sergeant
Downfall of Paris sergeant
Drummer's Call corporal camp duty
Duke of York's Troop with Fanfare sergeant
Empty Pocket's fife sergeant fife, drum Apr 2015 T.O.M.-Seniors
First of September corporal fife1 fife2 duet drum
Garb of Old Gaul sergeant fife1 fife2 duet drum
The Girl I Left Behind Me sergeant
Governor's Island drum sergeant
fife major
Hessian drum sergeant
fife major
Hey! Johnnie Cope sergeant fife1 fife2 duet drum
Light Horse March fife sergeant
Newport sergeant fife drum
Paddy on a Hand Car corporal
Pleasures of Spa sergeant fife1 fife2 duet drum
Reveille - The Three Camps corporal camp duty
Rickett's Hornpipe sergeant M. Conklin's 2/4
Royal Deux Ponts fife sergeant
drum sergeant
fife fife1 fife2 drum
The Shambuy sergeant double drag beat
The Star Spangled Banner corporal fife National Anthem
York Fusiliers corporal fife1 fife2
duet drum
Yorktown corporal fife drum corps
Rank Tunes for Junior Corps
Chester fifer/drummer
Frog in the Well fifer/drummer
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself fifer/drummer fife1 fife2 duet
drum mus
Army 6 8 The Corkonian (drum)
The Harriott fifer/drummer
Marionettes fifer/drummer
Old 1812 fifer/drummer
Road to Boston fifer/drummer Army 2 4 drum
The Rosetree fifer/drummer
The World Turned Upside Down fifer/drummer
Rank Tunes for Recruits
British Grenadiers private
Country Dance private aka An Easy Quick Step
Norman Toy private
Seven Stars private aka Baltimore I
Tecumseh private
Turkish March private aka March in the Battle of Prague
Welcome Here Again private aka The Roving Sailor
Yankee Doodle private
Scale G major private
Scale D major private
Scale A major private
Christmas Tunes
Angels We Have Heard on High
The Country Garden
Deck the Halls
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Here Comes Santa Claus (s)(b) Nov 2016 T.O.M.
I Saw Three Ships Nov 2017 T.O.M.
Jingle Bells
Joy to the World
The Little Drummer Boy
Pat a Pan
Silent Night
Wassail Song Oct 2017 T.O.M.
Other Tunes
Across the Burren Senior Corps fife solo
Adam Bell's March fife drum mus Mar 2015 T.O.M.
Anchors a'Weigh Military Music: Navy
The Army Goes Rolling Along Military Music: Army
The Ballad of the Green Berets Military Music: Army
Bells of Newport fife drum
The Black Bear fife drum
Black Dance fife1 fife2 duet drum Biddy Oats
Black Watch (s) (b) Oct 2015 T.O.M.
Brandywine fife1 fife2 duet
Chews 2-4
Cincinnati Hornpipe fife, drum mus Oct 2014 T.O.M.-Seniors
Corillon of The Bells senior corps fife solo
Covington Waltz
Drums and Guns fife drum
Drum Corps on Parade junior corps drum solo
Doubling the Downfall (s) (b)
Downshire fife drum
Dream Quickstep fife drum corps
Emmett's Quickstep
Fisher's Hornpipe fife drum corps
Fort McHenry Quickstep
The French Retreat Aug 2017 T.O.M.
The Fox Hunters Apr 2016 T.O.M.
Hanover Hornpipe fife drum
Hell on the Wabash Apr 2015 T.O.M.-Seniors
House of Duncan fife, drum
Hull's Victory
Jefferson and Liberty Jan 2017 T.O.M.
King William's March
Kinlock of Kinlock Sep 2015 T.O.M.
Kristen's Hornpipe
Korn Licker fife, drum
La Marguretta fife, drum May 2015 T.O.M.-Seniors
The Liberty Tree fife, drum mus Oct 2014 T.O.M.-Juniors
Liverpoole fife, drum
L'Oiseau Royale May 2015 T.O.M.-Seniors
Love Forever fife1 fife2 fife3 trio
Lydecker's Quickstep
March in Cymon fife fife1 fife2
drum corps
Marine's Hymn Military Music: Marines
Martin's Rattler fife drum
Marshall Lowendahl's March fife
Matthew's Hornpipe Nov 2014 T.O.M.
Medley Fife Exhibition Manual
Drum Exhibition Manual
Merry Men
Mississippi Quickstep
Morelli fife fife1 fife2
drum corps
My Love is But a Lassie Yet Mar 2016 T.O.M
Nancy Dawson
New Tatter Jack drum
Northeastern Bass Drum Solo 2-4
and 6-8
(s2) (bass2)
(s6) (bass6)
Oconner's Quickstep fife drum
Oh Lassie Art Thou Sleeping fife, drum
Old Continental March aka Long March, Mar 2015 T.O.M.
Open Beating No.2, 4 & 5
Opus 19 Minuetto
Opus V, X, XV, XX
drum(V) aka Church Call, Jun 2017 T.O.M.
The Parley aka Church Call, Jun 2017 T.O.M.
Pennsylvania Quick March Jan 2015 T.O.M.
Portsmouth Hornpipe fife drum drum part to "Any Hornpipe"
Prince Eugene's March fife drum mus Oct 2014 T.O.M.-Seniors
Prussion Rose fife1 fife2 duet drum
Rakes of Mallow fife drum Jan 2016 T.O.M.
Riguadon Opus 27 junior corps fife solo
The Roast Beef Sep 2017 T.O.M.
The Rogues March Jul 2017 T.O.M.
Rudiments 1-19, 20-40
Silver Eagle
Staten Island Hornpipe fife1 fife2 duet drum
Steiner's Waltz
Stick Tap 1/2 time drum
Stony Point (s) (b) Feb 2016 T.O.M.
Sugar in the Gourd fife drum corps
A Successful Campaign Aug 2015 T.O.M.
The Ten Penny Bit Feb 2017 T.O.M.
Three Little Drummers fife drum
Thunder & Lightning (s) (b)
Time Machine (s) (b)
Whup Jamboree Sept 2014 T.O.M.-Seniors
Wilcoxon (51), 81,
105, 116, 119,
121(s) 121(b),
125(s), 125(b),
131(s), 140(s),
145(b), 148(b),
150(s) 150(b)
Wilcox Solo No.10 drum
What? drum
When We Go Down to Washington fife, drum mus Oct 2014 T.O.M.-Seniors

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